Couple Friendship Bracelets Kooljewelry 14k Tricolor Gold Panther Link Bolo




FASHIONABLE, EXQUISITE GOLD JEWELRY FOR WOMEN. High polish finished 14k tricolor gold Panther link is showcased in this 14k gold Bolo bracelet and it is suspended on a diamond-cut finished 14k yellow gold cable chain

ADJUSTABLE LENGTH FEATURE. Bolo bracelets can be adjusted to a fit that is comfortable for you; to adjust, gently pull the gold cable chain through the slide adjuster

WOMEN’S GOLD BRACELET THAT OFFERS A RADIANT SHINE. Exudes elegance, style, and feminine charm, this 14k tricolor gold Panther link Bolo bracelet will definitely turn any ensemble into a conversation piece

GIFT GIVING READY. An elegant black packaging house this beautiful gold jewelry for women, which makes it perfect when giving it as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, Mother’s Day gift, Valentine’s Day gift, holiday gift, and gift for any other occasions

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